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Market Investments have always been a lucrative source of money making since the very inception of the concept. Internet and digitization have brought about a revolution in the investment industry just as well as it has revolutionized almost all other walks of life. Several quick methods for making huge money have evolved over a short period of time, needless to say the bigger rewards involve bigger risks of ill fate and misfortunes; but the worst part is the wide niche that belongs to numerous scammers who have not held behind, rather they have expounded on to the scene and have been preying on people’s uncontrolled and misdirected desire to make quick bucks.

We, at GetRich have this sole objective of guiding all our users safely through these tumultuous waters full of such greedy sharks, to the treasure chest they wish to claim. We intend to provide genuine, unbiased information and reviews to our entire user base so as to offer them a safer path to the success. Apart from protecting you from such swindlers, we intend to provide a whole some manual to the various types of money making options available online and those that are most suitable to you.

Among the hottest online trade markets are the Forex markets and the Binary Trade Options. We are going to simplify the nuances of both these markets and compare them to each other so as to provide you an ample purview of

Binary Options/crypto

This is probably the most simplified form of online investment. The binary trade is all about determining the correct trade trend for a particular asset. In any trade market the value of an asset either rises or drops; Binary trade’s basic principle is based on the exploits of this particular fact. As we mentioned it is a very simple trade platform; all you have to do is choose from the binary option; whether the value of asset is going to rise or drop at the end of a given phase of time i.e. the expiry time. If your prediction is met with at the end of expiry period, you shall earn handsome returns on your investment. Avery good broker for this purpose is binaryonline

Forex Trade

Forex is basically a combination of two terms Fo- Foreign Ex- Exchange. The Foreign Exchange market simply implies the trade in currencies. The platform is pretty different from the binary terminal but the objective is similar, offering great returns on your capital. Here, you pick a currency that competes against another currency, and the rate keeps fluctuating throughout the specified periods. You have the liberty to bail out at any instance at the particular prevalent rate at that instance; in other words, you have to usually monitor your assets all the time to keep a proper track of its performance and have a greater liberty to control them according to the market.another great choice for this purpose is plus500

Binary Robots

These are the set ups that read online signals that are basically fully automated and software regulated; providing the investors an opportunity to operate, conduct or navigate the binary trade markets with a smooth, hassle-free experience. These are automated trading software for binary options. These robots are supposed to invest and regulate you money and its movement while you can carry on with your other activities; People trust these robots as they invest their money after some digital calculations and stimulation by certain software at the website end, but it is not always advisable, and certainly not the least without carrying sufficient and efficient research and enquiry, to let someone else, and here an entirely different entity handle your hard earned money. A lot of such robots might actually be scammers’ toys that relish upon the gullibility of less knowledgeable (consider that most people are new to the concept of binary trade) traders or computer savvies.

Basically, these robots are installed set ups in your computers that will read signals from their web indicators and accordingly flash an arrow on your screen or beep a sound with an indication to open your trade in a particular direction suggested by the indicator. So the robot is actually dependent on the indicators for operating trades on your Binary options accounts.

So choose your Robot wisely, the one with better signal indicators, not just any one that is Free, Avery good and recommended robot is binadroid as a matter of fact it is better to learn the trade than trusting a robot that might or might not actually be what it promises.

Forex Trader Robots

These robots are pretty much based on the same principle as the Binary robots; it is just the case that they are used on an entirely different platform with slight modifications;

These Forex Robots boast of the ability to scan several charts on parameters, an ability that is not plausible to human capacities; and they do so within a time frame of seconds. In addition, these robots are loaded with certain abilities to make trading decisions. Just like in case of Binary Robots, they receive signals so as to execute a trade at a particular time on a particular asset. These extraordinary non-existent beings might sound like a multitude of capabilities and inefficiencies and probably the smartest internet invention that will multiply your money within no time. However, the reality might just be far bleaker as we mentioned earlier such robots are mostly scam and the money made is hardly anything more than a fluke.from all of the tests we did on of the few who keep the promising and give very good results is nasatraderprojekt

Robots: Utility or Scam

Let’s give it a wise thought; you have a hen that lays Golden eggs; what do you do with it? Certainly not sell it for 100 odd dollars. So when you have software that you are so sure of making money with; why would you sell it off for petty money when you could make a hefty purse yourself; why wouldn’t a Robot designer use it to rule the trade market. The answer is simple; there is no 100% guarantee to any risk cover or management in the trading world.

Moreover, Robots lack the sense of intuition and abrupt developments. They are based on past analysis and bound to the programming format that was used at the time of their creation unlike a human brain that has the gift of smart thinking and adaptability.

Anyways, there might be a few such tools that based on the analysis of the market trends prompt a correct decision, more often than not so they might be contenders for your asset management system. If you really find it hard to understand the nuances of the market or don’t have any time for conducting or operating such investments, you might want to venture in with some of the very rare smart ones, for some trivial listings (especially at the beginning) but again put in your research before you hire such a mascot.

Binary or Forex

Size and Software

Binary Options are a fairly recent concept in asset trade investment; on the other hand Foreign exchange trading is one of the earliest market trade formats, almost ever since the currencies are known to exist. Hence the currency market is far more accomplished and huge when it comes to turn over.

Foreign Exchange markets operate all 24 hours for five weekdays in every week averaging almost 5trillion dollars per day.

Binary options markets are comparatively very small, but the traders here have a lot more variety in terms of assets available for trading.

A binary trade has generally only two choices, hence one can easily manage without software but in case of Currency trade, it becomes almost a compulsion if you have to avail the trading to full potential.


Now we would like to provide you a number of reasons that vouch for binary options being a better trade platform than Forex followed by the Forex’s trumps over Binary.

Considering the variety and simplicity of the format, Binary options seem more suitable for most of the people.

  1. Wide range of trading options: Binary options trading lets you trade with a huge range of assets, mostly over hundred individual assets.
  2. Better access to Bonuses: Binary trading offers a great number bonuses and rewards to woo traders as it is a fairly New market whereas Forex is well settled into its form and runs a stable market with dedicated customer services and bases.
  3. Beforehand Knowledge: In Binary options you already know, right at the time of opening a trade what your turn over is going to be if your predicted trend abides, and for how long your amount is fixed in a trade; if you wish, it requires no monitoring once you have made a move as it stays fixed right till the expiry time.
  4. No trading fees: in the binary options market there are no transaction charges applied as the commission is directly dependent as a fixed percentage on the pay-out providing small investments a better thriving.


  1. It is a market with great potential for people who know their business well, and can invest large samples. Intuitions are generally going to cost you money heavily.
  1. Large Investments: The market suits huge investments; Most of the binary markets have set an upper limit to about $ 5000 but here one can bet up to tens of millions per investment cutting down the transaction costs heavily.

Apart from Forex and Binary options several other online ventures offer good sources of money making.

  • Online Sports Betting
  • Online Bingo
  • Lotteries
  • And a lot many; we’ll discuss some other time.

For now

We hope, by now you must have had a clearer picture of the investment options available online and the one that suits you most; you must be geared to tackle the scammers, avoid spending on useless avenues, and focus on correct buys. We wish you happy investments and for a better trading experience; please Stay in touch.

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