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Investment companies are growing at an alarming rate and there are a lot of new companies that are starting in competition to the regular well established older companies. The new trading companies bring fresh new ideas to build platforms that will help and encourage more and more online trading. Trading is expanding with the normal trading commodities such as gold to the new emerging commodities such as cryptocurrencies. This type of trading is opening the door to investors whether they are involved as brokers or the Market side of things.

Type of Accounts

PrimeFCD’S has started very recently and offers the trader an option of 5 accounts. Each account is tailored for the beginner to the very experienced. If you are a beginner the safer option should be taken to gain experience because trading in Binaries has risk associated with it and a person can lose their investment if they are not careful. However, they offer a training facility and once you decide to upgrade your account you will also have the facility to have a personal coach.

Opening an account

You can register with PrimeCFD’S for no cost if you want to find out more about the trading options that they offer. Once you start trading the minimum deposit is $100,00 for the mini account and there is a maximum trading amount and the amount is regulated by the type of the account you have.

The account types offer different services and from the mini account to the Diamond account, the payout which is done on a monthly basis varies from 82% to 88%. The services for each account vary considerably with the mini account offering 3 basic services to the Diamond account offering 9 different services.


At Prime CFD’s they accept all types of payments which are all the major credit cards, master, visa, maestro and Visa Electron.

Wire transfers are accepted from all over the globe but once you are a member it is advised that if you need any extra information then you can contact your account manager.

E-wallet is the preferred way for payment because it helps with affordable transfer fees and the favoured e-wallet service is Neteller.


The regulatory bodies require for all people that are doing online trading to submit certain documents to the broker that they have chosen to use such as Prime CFD’S. These are put in place for security reasons and includes documents such as proof of residence, identification and proof of payment.

Types of Trading

Prime CFD uses the Tradersoft Trader Platform for all its binary options, forex trading and trading  CFD.

There is no need for you to pay for any software you can use their online desktop trading platform or download the mobile app for Android or iOS. There are hundreds of trading commodities to choose from Forex, stocks, and market indices.


Like most trading companies they offer a service to the beginners such as webinars and they also have a guide to trading. This guide which has been written by professionals in the trade and the topics cover the Introduction to Trading, the how to get started with Prime CFD’S and Borads explanation how to use the Ladder option. This would be a good guide to start with if it is the first time that you are venturing into binary trading and before you start.

PrimeCFD’s are always striving to improve their service to the traders and have a substantial blog site. They use the blog site to assist users to become more proficient with trading with tutorials like How to Read Signals. Like all blog sites, it is a platform that a person can use to discuss trends with other traders and increase your knowledge through the experience of others.


They have a 24/7 support team to help if there is a problem that you as a trader might need to have solved but they also provide an account manager to clear any issues that might concern you especially payment. Only the mini account does not have a personal coach all the rest have so it is up to the trader which option they would like.


Prime CFD’S is well placed globally with offices which cover the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Africa. The operating centre is in Bulgaria.

PrimeCFD’s is regulated by Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and have an international contact number +442035198586 and the email is


  • PrimeCFD’s is a relatively new Trading platform that provides their members with and easy to use website and accommodates both private and institutional investors worldwide.
  • It is simple to join as a member and it covers all parts of the world which make it easy for the new trader to find an office near them. The training tools for the new trader are all in place with expert advice available 24/7 with a highly specialised team.
  • There is no extra software required and the user can use their online platform or if need be download their application.
  • With the different accounts the trader has the ability to grow their trading from very basic and as they gain experience they can invest in larger amounts and with that get more advanced services such as email and SMS notifications should there be a change in markets. Once they move up one account type they have the facility of a personal coach which enhances the expertise of the trader.
  • The website has the highest security available to ensure that you do not have your private information shared with anyone and prevents your valuable information from being hacked.
  • Payment is easy through the payment methods that offer and withdrawals are done on a monthly basis and with the facility of using e-wallet will reduce the banking costs considerably with minimal transfer fees.

Taking all these factors and added with the friendliness of the PrimeFCD’S staff and educating facilities that they offer it would be a good platform to start your Trading career.


  1. Primecfds
    This company was only a couple of months ago named WMOptions, who had people making complaints online about being Scammed. Last January i foolishly got sucked into their trap from a slick Video about a auto trader named Blazing Trader”. I was put through to a woman who then connected me to a so called manager named Ethan Stark I no longer think this will be his real name of course. I was promised educational training and assistance to put on trades. I made a deposit of $5K. There was no Blazing trader. The platform was Meta4 and they put on some very successful trades. Within a week he was trying to get me to deposit more money. I was promised that a VIP account would get me everything i required to become a good trader. I told him i wanted some time to evaluate the investment, but after continued pressure i deposited a lot more, and they signed me up for a bonus which i never really understood, except that Ethan Stark said would be mine within 4 to 7 months of trading. I was promised education and that withdrawals were easy and encouraged. To keep the story short, the communication and assisted trading went to zero almost immediately after i informed Ethan i would want to make some withdrawals soon. I contacted their so called support team. Incidentally they are nothing but a post box. They cannot help with anything, and are only their to provide a wall between the account managers and you. Anyhow they eventually said i had another account manager . Mark Spencer. After telling Mark i would need to make a withdrawal he advised me that i could not, and it would take me about 11 years to liquidate my account (and make withdrawals) at the current rate of trading. He asked for more money which would lower the Bonus and time to liquidate my account. I decided not to proceed with his “fantastic solution”, which made him retaliate and tell me i was stupid etc. Since then he will not communicate with me, and says that his managers instructed him not to put any trades on for me. However while i continued trading he has been taking off any significant trades that are negative, therefore reducing my account down to almost nothing. They have tried to blame me, but i have been asleep when these have been closed. I also have other money deposited onto their Primecfds site, i can see the balance there and have requested a withdrawal about 2 weeks ago. All i get is bullshit from the so called support team. I have told them what i believe about them. All my retirement funds are now gone. I am wondering if there are other people who have been scammed by Primecfds or WMOptions. Perhaps we could join together and get some help to recover at least some of our funds. There are companies that claim this is possible.

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